Two Big Pin Events This Spring Coast-to-Coast: Get Your Pin On!

Promo image for The Nightmare Before Christmas at Disneyland
Promo image for The Nightmare Before Christmas at Disneyland
Rebel Rendezvous launching Star Wars Weekends at WDW
Rebel Rendezvous launching Star Wars Weekends at WDW

This Spring, two big pin events are coming your way, one on each coast.  At Disneyland is a special event called Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas at Disneyland in June, and at Walt Disney World, Rebel Rendezvous launches Star Wars Weekends in May.  Both promise some amazing merchandise, especially pins for the pin collecting fan out there.  Disneyland’s event is more of a traditional pin trading event with pin boards, Vinylmation blind trading, artist signings, etc. very much like the Enchanted Tiki Room 50th Anniversary event last year.  If you haven’t been to one of these and you are able to, you should attend.  They always offer more than advertised.  Always try to sign up early too if you want a FREE PIN.  The past two events, like this one, offered an Early Bird pin for signing up.  For the Tiki Room event the Early Bird pin was one of my favorites.  They always include some extra bonus treats so go and find out for yourself what they are.  But space is limited and they did run out for the Tiki Room event.  Reservations for the Disneyland event begin April 1st at 11am PST and cost $90 per person.

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Rebel Recruitment Pack for all Rendezvous attendees
Rebel Recruitment Pack for all Rendezvous attendees

The Rebel Rendezvous is more of a product launch at Walt Disney World for the upcoming annual Star Wars Weekends.  Allowing guests to have first crack at all the new and limited edition merchandise, including some special items unique to Rebel Rendezvous attendees.  A messenger bag, tumbler, lanyard, medal, pin, and cap are all part of the package.  Exclusive access to new merchandise and an opportunity to participate in the RSP process (for very limited edition items) is also part of the WDW event.  There is some pretty amazing stuff up for grabs including some great LE pins.  Fans of The Star Wars comic book will recognize some of these concept poster sketches of now familiar characters turned into collectible pins.  One item sure to likely fly off the shelves is the Medal of Yavin lanyard and set.  Remember the scene in Star Wars where Princess Leia gives medals to Han and Luke?  This is a replica pin lanyard of the same medal!  Other fun items up for sale include the series 4 Star Wars Vinylmation, a lenticular puzzle of the logo for this year’s event, and Cars tractors as Sandtroopers.  The Rebel Rendezvous event also has some exclusive merchandise available including personalized name tags in Aurebesh, a special Star Wars Weekend gift card holder with pre-purchase, and specialized iPhone cases!  No mention of any pin boards or specific pin trading activity, but with a mystery set being issued, multiple LE pins being released, and pin traders in attendance, there likely will be some trading going on.  And they did mention autograph signings by some of the artists.

If you’re planning on attending the WDW event as part of the Star Wars Weekends opening, it would be a good idea to reserve your dining plans early.  Already the Sci-Fi Diner had no seating for the actual weekend and the Hollywood and Vine location had limited seating, although seats were available for both prior to that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Other weekend dates may prove to be open and the dining experiences are available during the week also.  During the Star Wars festivities, special Star Wars themes will be prevalent including character photo opportunities.  Looks like Disney is planning a bang-up, high-flying, event-filled schedule for the spring!  Be sure to be there!

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