Magic Bands – Your All-In-One Key to the Kingdom

A package arrives at your home...
A package arrives at your home…

Disney does it again.  Just as they have been the forerunners for many technological innovations over the past century, they add another notch to their accomplishment belt with the invention and distribution of the Magic Band.  The Magic Band seems to be just that – a magical wristband that unlocks your adventure at Walt Disney World.  Literally.  If you are a resort guest, the Magic Band unlocks the door to your room.  It also offers you admission to the park, gives you access to Fastpass+, and allows you to charge items to your hotel room without ever having to pull out your card.  Currently, the Magic Band is only available in Florida, but if proven successful could become your key to admission at any Disney theme park.

What's inside the package? A very stylish souvenir box.
What’s inside the package? A very stylish souvenir box.

If you reserve a room at the resort at least 10 or more days prior to your arrival, the folks at Disney send you your very own Magic Band for free.  All you have to do is go on their website and customize your personal band.  You get to choose the color and the name you want imprinted on the back of the band (and also on the box). No shipping or handling charges and no charge for the band. How cool is that?  And the band isn’t some cheap wristband – it’s a sophisticated piece of programmable technology made to last.  If you have a Fitbit, you’ll be very familiar with the durability and comfort of the band.  There is a section near the Mickey where the RF chip is that is stiff and inflexible, but the band overall is very high quality.  You needn’t worry about the fit either.  Another innovation of this band is how adjustable it is.  The center piece (which is the color you choose) is removable from the steel grey portion of the band for smaller wrists and a better fit.  And the larger band fits people with very large wrists. On top of all of this, the band is hypoallergenic and waterproof!

Custom colors and personalization, not only on the Magic Band but in the box, too.
Custom colors and personalization, not only on the Magic Band but in the box, too.

What is genius about this newest addition to your magical experience is that you are able to customize it even more if you want!  At D23 Expo 2013, Magic Band technology was revealed to the general public.  In addition to the bands themselves which come in a variety of colors (seven to be exact) there are accessories for the bands that you can purchase to really make it your own.  Magic Sliders (which fit over your Magic Band), MagicBandits (which fit into the extra holes in your band), and Cover Bands.  These have recently all been made available to the general public.

The magic of a Disney World vacation begins long before you ever get in the parks.  One of the masterful ways that Disney extends your visit is with little reminders, presents, and letters which all add to the growing excitement of a vacation at the world’s top destination vacation spot.  The amount the company spends on marketing is tremendous, but to me it’s all worth it because it does make me want to come back.  I like being made to feel special and Disney does that better than most companies out there.  Enjoy the Magic Band experience!  And don’t forget to use your Fastpass + options before getting to the parks so they are loaded onto your band as you walk in.

2 thoughts on “Magic Bands – Your All-In-One Key to the Kingdom

  1. I totally love the idea of the MagicBand. It has so much potential about what could be added to guest experience. My slight concern is that this week they have started testing direct to room check in. As in you don’t need to visit reception to be allocated a room. On the surface this is great, but it is also taking someones job away from them. When will the technology start to replace more staff?

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