JD Roth Shares 5 Small Things You Can Do to Lose Weight – #ABCTVEvent

JD Roth from ABC's Extreme Weight Loss
JD Roth from ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss

“I have zero education in anything except how to love people and how to support people and that’s it…” – JD Roth

Now this isn’t the usual Disney Nerds post but it came about from the blogger trip I was invited to participate in a few weeks ago.  We had the chance to talk to different ABC executives about their shows and one of them was JD Roth who was more inspirational in person than I can put into words.  As someone who has struggled with weight most of my life, it was inspiring to talk to JD, the creator of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. It’s rare to meet a person with such passion and commitment to what he believes in. And in case you wondered, he honestly cares about each and every person he helps. For him, this is a cause more than a career. And it’s personal because as he tells it, he used to be fat, too. You’d never know it to look at him. And that’s the point. “I really believe people can change their life,” he says. They just need somebody to believe in them. “I believe in them,” Roth said about the people who appear on his show. “I believe having someone say, ‘You can do this!’ makes them believe that they can. So many people have told them that they can’t. I liken it to (getting) punched in the face so many time, they’ve forgotten how to throw a punch. All I do is teach them how to fight.”

Getting support and advice from JD
Getting support and advice from JD

It’s not about a sudden radical change in your life. It’s about small steps taken one at a time done diligently. “The whole game is in your head. That’s where you’re fat. This (meaning being overweight) is just the outcome.” Looking at the list of people featured in this season’s show, I told JD, “This could be me.” He told me, “You don’t have to make a big change. I don’t want you to think, ‘Oh my God! I have to go away, I have so much to do.’ Just make one change this week. Just one. I wouldn’t allow yourself to make any more. Next week, I would add to it. So now you have two changes. Next week, I’d add another one. Some people try to do 10 things on a Monday, and by lunch time they’ve screwed it up and they go, ‘To hell with it. Next Monday I’ll start again.’” I told him how overwhelming it seems at times trying to lose weight and he said, “Yes. It is overwhelming. It is. That’s why the only way to reduce it down is to do one thing. Only focus on one thing. We can all do that.”

So what are some small things you can do to lose weight? JD came up with five off the top of his head:

  1. Never, ever drink a calorie – That includes zero calorie anything. Makes you crave everything you shouldn’t eat. I would eat a chocolate chip cookie, but I wouldn’t drink a calorie.
  2. Move after you eat – Movement of any kind, not run a marathon but just go for a walk. Don’t worry about how fast or how hard or how many miles. Just walk for 30 minutes.
  3. Never eat after 8pm – Period.
  4. More choices that are fruit vs. anything else – If you need a snack, grab a piece of fruit. If you could do that vs. anything in a package.
  5. Crack open less packages – Count up the packages you open in a week and try and open half that much.

One step at a time done diligently, and you can lose weight, too.

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