Disney Magical Dice – Mini-Monopoly the Disney Way

Looking for a fun new way to play Monopoly?  Disney Magical Dice might be the game for you.  Produced by Netmarble, the self-proclaimed #1 online game publisher, Disney Magical Dice is like a mini-Monopoly featuring cute humanized versions of Disney characters.  The game is free to download and play with options for in-app purchases to level up your stuff very quickly.  The nice thing about Disney Magical Dice is that you don’t need to in-app purchases to build solid characters and you can be competitive right out of the block.

Daily bonuses help you level up your characters and your items
Daily bonuses help you level up your characters and your items

The game also helps you by offering you incentives for play.  Each day there are “Daily Missions” which offer new character cards, coins, and diamonds – all of which are used differently to purchase or level up.  There are 70 different character cards available in five different classes of cards – C, B, A, A+, and the new S class.  Most of the characters are repeated in each class so there are really only 20 to choose from.  Only “B” class has every character with A, A+, and S having the same 10 and “C” having a different 10. You can level up cards in two ways: Power Up lets you add value to one character card by sacrificing others (which is no big deal when you have multiples anyway) or Fusion where you have two character cards at their maximum level and can be fused together to have a new card at a higher level.  You can also power up your dice and your items (which add abilities to your active character).

Disney Magical Dice is full of cute characters like these
Disney Magical Dice is full of cute characters like these

The characters are actually cosplay versions of those characters as they hop around the board.  They are incredibly cute and a clever way for people to identify with their chosen favorites.  There are two boards to choose from – Fantasyland and Mickey and Friends.  Fantasyland has locations like Skull Rock, Mad Tea Party, and Seashell for Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and The Little Mermaid respectively.  Mickey and Friends has locations like Mickey’s House, Chip and Dale’s Garden, and Scrooge’s Bank.  There is a jail (called Haunted Mansion in the Fantasyland board) but they also have some unique spaces on the board also.  On the Fantasyland board they have a “Wheel of Destiny” that can change up the game pretty quickly and both boards have a space where, instead of the “Go to Jail” space on a standard Monopoly board, you can choose the next space to go to.

The game board for Disney Magical Dice is like a mini-Monopoly
The game board for Disney Magical Dice is like a mini-Monopoly

Overall, the game play is solid and there haven’t been any connection problems or serious downtime of any sort.  The animation is good and there are different modes of play.  In addition to three different types of regular play, there is also a practice mode where you can play against the computer and as you complete the different tasks in each game you gain prizes to help you out.  Overall, if you like Monopoly and you like Disney, then check out Disney Magical Dice on your phone or tablet.

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