2015 is The Year of Disney!

Disneyland's official 60th anniversary logo
Disneyland’s official 60th anniversary logo
Model of the Shanghai Disney Resort revealed at D23 Expo 2011
Model of the Shanghai Disney Resort revealed at D23 Expo 2011
Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser poster
Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser poster
Official logo for Star Wars VII
Official logo for Star Wars VII

You heard it here first – 2015 is The Year of Disney!  Shout it from the rooftops because it is so!  2015 Is The Year of Disney (patent pending)!  Every year seems like it’s a Disney year because so much is going on in the company on a regular basis.  But so many events are colliding in 2015 that it looks to be one celebration after another.  These are the five you’ll want to keep in your calendars.

  • May 1st – Avengers: Age of Ultron: The sequel to the most ambitious Marvel movie ever. The Avengers also happens to be the 3rd highest grossing film of all time.  Marvel has done what no other film company ever has – linked it’s movies into a cohesive universe that is interwoven, not only between it’s different franchises (Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor) but also television (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).  Both the excitement level and the production quality of these stories is at their highest, and excitement has been growing since Phase II began of the Marvel Cinematic UniverseAvengers: Age of Ultron is the capstone to Phase II and promises to be another blockbuster hit!
  • July 17th – Disneyland 60th Anniversary Celebration: The party has already started! Disneyland hosted an Instagram contest to kick things off in anticipation of the official celebration slated to begin in Spring 2015.  It promises to be an exciting year of surprises that will be celebrated all year long at the park but so far, word is quiet on what we can expect.  As Spring 2015 approaches, you can be sure that we’ll find out MUCH more.
  • August 14th – 16th – D23 Expo 2015: Can the Disney madness get even more intense?  YES IT CAN! For those who have been to D23 Expo in previous years you know that each one has only gotten bigger and bigger and BIGGER!  More excitement.  More stars.  More autograph opportunities.  More things to buy.  More everything!  This year’s expo will likely feature announcements about two of the biggest events remaining for 2015 – Star Wars Episode VII and the Shanghai Disneyland Resort Grand Opening.  Last year’s 2013 Expo featured Idina Menzel singing the now smash hit “Let It Go” along with appearances by every major star from every major Disney release.  It’s the “must go to” event for the true Disney Nerd!
  • December 18th – Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Even though the Star Wars fun has already started in 2014 with the first ever “canon” book, A New Dawn, and the newest animated series Star Wars Rebels premiering in October, the new movie will be the culmination of an equally exciting Star Wars year.  Already fans are gearing up for Star Wars Celebration – this year to be held in Anaheim, April 16-19.  Speculation abounds about star appearances and potential guests, but no matter what it looks to be amazing stuff.  Can’t wait to find out what role the original trio (Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher) will play in the new movies!
  • Late 2015 – Shanghai Disneyland Resort Grand Opening: This alone would make it a banner Disney year, but with everything else going on it’s the icing on the cake.  Rarely is there a new park opening let alone a completely brand new Disney resort!  This is only the sixth Disney theme park resort in the world.  Details are still sketchy about when the park will actually open – with some speculation it may not be until early 2016 – but of course as things are revealed, you’ll find out about them on this blog!  Already, Shanghai Disneyland will sport the largest and most interactive castle of all the theme parks called the Enchanted Storybook Castle and will represent all the different Disney princesses.  There will be some different themed lands, different takes on existing rides, and some completely new rides unique to Shanghai Disneyland.  You’ll just have to see for yourself!

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