Once Upon A Time Season 4 Primer – Are You Ready to Get Frozen?

Storybrooke gets Frozen
Storybrooke gets Frozen
Ruby from Once Upon A Time
Ruby from Once Upon A Time

If you’ve never seen the ABC television show Once Upon A Time it’s not too late to start now! And if you’re an avid fan, it’s time to catch up.  Season four is about to start in about a week on September 28th, and it looks to be as promising a season as a fan could hope for.

Once Upon A Time is a creative, innovative television show that takes classic fairytale characters and gives them a little twist.  Part of the fun in watching the show is to see how the show’s creators infuse these stories with new life.  It centers around a fictional town called Storybrooke where the characters from the Enchanted Forest all live in our world (Storybrooke = story book, get it?).  They arrive by way of a curse cast by the Evil Queen (of Snow White fame) who is the only one who remembers life in the other dimension.  She also happens to be mayor of the town.

The first season revolves around the central character, Emma, finding out the bizarre circumstances surrounding the town (like how only her, her son Henry, and a select few can leave) and how she is the chosen savior of the people of the Enchanted Forest.  At the end of Season One she breaks the curse and magic is restored, but no one goes home…

Season Two begins with the characters of Storybrooke discovering who they really are and dealing with the consequences of life after the curse. During the season we are introduced to various new characters including a pair who enter town with seemingly innocent motives who end up having very destructive ones on their mind.  The season concludes with the mysterious pair revealing themselves to be agents of Neverland.  They capture Emma’s son, Henry (who is also Regina’s adopted son and Rumpelstiltskin’s grandson) and take him back with them, leading our heroes to board Captain Hook’s ship and set out to rescue him.

Season Three was split into two segments with the first dealing with an evil Peter Pan whose carefree ways have more sinister undertones.  Peter Pan turns out to be Rumpelstiltskin’s father and Captain Hook turns out to be a good guy! The first segment ends with the curse being reversed.  Emma and Henry leave Storybrooke to live their own lives free of magic while the other characters return to their own dimensions.  The second part of Season Three begins with Hook mysteriously showing up at Emma’s door and announcing there is trouble and her family needs her.  She is finally convinced to return and discovers that the Wicked Witch of Oz fame has taken over.  She turns out to be the Evil Queen’s stepsister!  In the end, they are able to defeat her, but as they finally return home, an urn follows them through the portal, releasing someone with a “Frozen” touch…

Season Four begins September 28th and promises a “chilly” opening as Anna and Elsa make their Once Upon A Time premiere.  If you haven’t watched the show before, you are in for a treat.  The writing is well done and the storylines are clever and imaginative. Make sure to tune in every week for this amazing show!

  • I wrote a story last year about how Once Upon A Time has become something my daughter and I are able to bond over.  If you’d like to read that story from Babble.com, please click here.

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