Disney Stores Ending Unique City Merchandise?

Disney Store San Francisco exclusive reusable bag listing some of the Bay Area's renowned neighborhoods
Disney Store San Francisco exclusive reusable bag listing some of the Bay Area’s renowned neighborhoods

The answer is a complicated “no, but…” Many stores will still carry unique merchandise, but the answer I received by email from the Disney Store was that the line was being reduced.  What they wrote was:

“Some stores will carry fewer ‘city specific’ items. If you are interested in purchasing city specific merchandise please contact the stores in that city. That store can assist with placing an order and shipping items to you.”

Unique Vinylmation at the San Francisco store on clearance
Unique Vinylmation at the San Francisco store on clearance

What prompted that question was a visit to one of the two San Francisco stores that carried merchandise specific to the City by the Bay.  I noticed that all of the city specific merchandise had been reduced to clearance prices. San Francisco shirts, tumblers, mugs, shopping bags and even their SF Vinylmation and signature engineer Mickey were cut drastically in price (still not sure why San Francisco has an engineer Mickey as its signature plush). When I asked a cast member about it, she stated that they were no longer going to carry city specific merchandise, and she heard that only New York would have special items for sale.  Another cast member at the store confirmed that statement.

Vinylmation Elvis Stitch from the Las Vegas Disney Store
Vinylmation Elvis Stitch from the Las Vegas Disney Store

I attempted to contact Disney representatives by phone and by email at first to no avail.  I even contacted the store manager in Chicago to ask if they could confirm what I had heard in San Francisco, but she said not all of their items were being put on clearance although some were.  She even stated they had pins and plush still available that was Chicago related and had not heard that the volume of city items was being reduced.  Visiting the Las Vegas store in the Fashion Show Mall recently, I asked about any items they had exclusive to their city and they only had a few Vinylmation left of Stitch as Elvis (also at clearance prices).  The manager was really kind and told us she hoped they would get more items back in stock but hadn’t so far.  Finally, I did get a message by email in return sharing that some city merchandise was being scaled back in some stores.

One of the things early on that made me a fan of the Disney Stores was the unique merchandise they carried – not just city-specific, but they had ties and pins and adult clothing items and plush you could only buy at a Disney Store and that made it fun, even with Disneyland in my backyard.  As I moved around the country, I loved how Disney Stores reminded me of the parks I missed due to their fun, unique and quality Disney character items.  However, as the years have gone by, there have been fewer adult items and a smaller (almost non-existent) selection of unique items.  The city-specific merchandise has been all that was left of the unique Disney Stores I knew when they first opened.  I would hate to see those go too.

What unique items if any do they have in your local Disney Store?  Have you noticed them disappearing?  Let me know by connecting with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the name DisneyNerdCraig or comment in the section below.  I’d love to hear your stories.

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