An American in Hong Kong Disneyland – Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel: A Disney Paradise (Part 5)

Staying at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel was worth the trip to Hong Kong all by itself.  The resort was beautiful, lush, and incredibly…quiet.  Having been to many other Disney resorts, I’m used to the hustle and bustle associated with being there, but the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel was much like Hong Kong Disneyland itself – an oasis of Disney beauty.  Western amenities with Disney’s legendary service made this place a dream vacation spot.

The beautiful view outside the lobby window
The beautiful view outside the lobby window

The rich Victorian style was reminiscent of the Grand Floridian or Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.  The decor was subtly Disney.  The bedspread had pictures of Pinocchio on it, but it took me until the second day of staying there to even notice (and that’s because my daughter pointed it out).   Every amenity you could think of was provided for you on a tray in the restroom – from an emery board to a shower cap to toothbrush and toothpaste – without having to ask.  Cute postcards and stationary were provided every day in the hotel room folder.  And the view was spectacular.  It felt like being in Hawaii.  We were surrounded by lush green mountains, beautiful trees, and amazing landscaping.  At night a live band would play in the lobby balcony.  They would play riffs on Disney classics and sounded beautiful as you can tell in the clip below.

Interestingly, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel didn’t have a spa available.  They do, however, have a Bibbidi Bobiddi Boutique built right in as well as many kid friendly activities.  They have a Storybook Playroom with both free and paid activities for the kids (and adults I’m sure if you want) and nightly storytime told in three different languages including English.  There’s even a Mickey Maze built as a traditional English garden maze for both kids and adults alike.  And when you’re ready to go to the park, they have free transportation from the hotel to Hong Kong Disneyland on a very regular basis.  We hardly ever had to wait either there or back.  If that’s not enough to convince you how wonderful this place was perhaps the food and the pool will entice you to stay.

Our favorite restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland wasn't at the park but in our hotel!
Our favorite restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland wasn’t at the park but in our hotel!

The Food – Our favorite restaurant was Enchanted Gardens.  Located on the lower floor of the hotel, this wonderful buffet was also the site of the character breakfast!   You need to sign up in advance to assure a seat for you and your party as the front desk told us they often run out of room, but it is well worth it.  Not only do they serve a wide variety of food – from Indian samosas and chana masala to Chinese dim sum to Mickey waffles – but it is all very good.  Plenty of standard American fare to choose from, too.  And then to top it off, we got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy while we were there!  I loved the variety of fresh juices, breads, and even desserts.  Yum.  We dined at the other restaurant in the hotel, too – Crystal Lotus.  Serving traditional Chinese food family style, this place was a treat.  On top of having great dishes like roast duck (freshly sliced AT your table), kung pao chicken, and pan-fried noodles, they also had some great drinks including a fun Duffy / ShellieMae drink for the kids (which all of us adults liked, too).  Walt’s Cafe was a great place for a light and reasonable breakfast.  The quality of the food was not as great as the other two restaurants but for the money it was really worth it.  They served fairly Western-style food with Mickey waffles, Mickey shaped muffins, and fluffy omelettes for breakfast along with a full continental breakfast buffet that comes with every meal.  You certainly won’t go hungry at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

The Pool – To work off some of that food you might want to go work out in their gym or swim in the indoor lap pool.  But if you want to relax and just have some fun, they have a beautiful pool again surrounded by the lush beauty of the place.  The slide is tons of fun and is fully supervised so that kids are always safe (and adults, too).  Lots of twists and turns make it an adventure, but not so wild to scare off the little ones.  The pool was relatively quiet every day we were there.  Unlike many Disney pools where you are fighting for a spot to put down your towel, this one was just right.

Photos of Disney's Hollywood Hotel - the sister hotel to HKDL
Photos of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel – the sister hotel to HKDL

Now if that’s not enough to convince you, if you stay at the resort as a DVC member and use your points you are also given FREE tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland for the length of your stay for everyone in the room.  FREE TICKETS! The same is true if you stay in the Hong Kong Disneyland’s sister hotel, Hollywood Hotel.  While we didn’t stay there, the Hollywood Hotel is beautiful with many similar amenities.  It just depends on what your style is and what you hope to get out of your experience.  The HKDL Hotel is more elegant with more amenities and costs more, but Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is also very nice.  Either way, you can’t go wrong staying on property at Hong Kong Disneyland!

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