Touring Greece With Adventures by Disney

Ten amazing days of adventures on the Greek isles

Imagine the magic of Disney coupled with the mystery and history of the world. That’s what it’s like to tour Greece with Adventures by Disney. Day-by-day we went from one activity to another with just enough down time to rest, recharge, and take in the sights. Of course, we went to some classic places – the Acropolis, the Palace of Knossos, Temple of Poseidon, and the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium. At each place our ABD guides gave us a private tour and then gave us time to explore by ourselves. And they really knew their stuff! We all had tons of questions and they were ready with answers.

But we also DID stuff! We made tzaziki, put together our own komboloi (worry beads), created cheese from scratch, and went to a wine tasting where we learned the difference between Greek wine and wines from other places. The same with olive oil. I had always seen olive oil as monolithic, but after tasting and exploring the difference in Greece, I realized how each one has different notes and flavors. And the honey! Greek honey was the best. More than just tourists, we got to participate in the culture around us.

What I can’t capture for you is the engaging way our guides kept us together while at the same time giving us personal attention. They took the time to really get to know us and make sure we felt included. They were also fountains of knowledge and pointed us in the right direction for food, shopping, souvenirs, and can’t-miss-sights. The service was exceptional everywhere we went. The hotels were top notch, the amenities included, and our schedule was like clockwork. And the FOOD! Oh wow. I still think about how tasty things were we had the chance to try.

If there was any downside, it was how incredibly HOT it was (more humid than hot) and the amount of walking was pretty extraordinary – and we didn’t even take one of the more intense vacations. But it was very much worth it. Yes, we were tired at the end of it and ready to go home, but it was a trip to be remembered!

Details: Greece with Adventures by Disney
Locations: Athens, Sounion, Santorini, and Crete
Number of Days: 10 days / 9 nights (bookend dates are basically for travel)
Number of Meals: 9 breakfasts / 6 lunches / 5 dinners (the rest on your own)
Accomodations: Electra Metropolis Athens, Majestic Hotel Santorini, Porto Elounda
Approximate Cost: $6,700 – $7,700 per person

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