Ratatouille: The Adventure – Disneyland Paris

My wife, Cassie, did a guest post for me on this attraction.  She travels a lot for work and happened to be in Paris one day about a year and a half ago.  I convinced her to visit Disneyland Paris and while there she tried the Ratatouille ride in the Toon Studios area of Walt Disney Studios Park and ate at the restaurant.  It took me a while to convince her to write this up, so enjoy!  Here is her review!
The adorable area outside the Ratatouille Adventure
The adorable area outside the Ratatouille Adventure

On Bastille Day in France I was able to take the train to Disneyland Paris.  The main reason for going was to acquire Disney pins for my husband’s collection but he also asked me to let him know what the new Ratatouille ride was like.  As with any new or popular ride, the regular line had an 80+ minute wait.  Even the Fast Pass line looked to be at least 20 minutes.  Since I was alone I took advantage of the Single Rider line which kept my wait at 5 minutes.

Riding inside the attraction, you feel like the size of well...a rat!
Riding inside the attraction, you feel like the size of well…a rat!

You enter the dark ride and up to six people are loaded into one of the three round vehicles.  It has two bench seats that are easy to get into but be sure to keep smaller children in the front where they can see everything. The vehicle is not on a track.  The three cars move up to this very large screen which projects a 3D cartoon that you watch with the 3D glasses you have been given.  The premise of the ride is that you are a mouse and you are viewing the world from that perspective.  Most of the scenes are familiar enough from the movie and the vehicles move from screen to screen throughout the ride as if you were being chased.  Each time you move to a new screen, the three vehicles change positions.  Sometimes you are in the middle and other times you are on the left or the right.

The young children (I’d guess around 4 and 5) in the vehicle with me did not seem afraid of the ride, but if you have children that are uncomfortable with dark rides, quick movement, or 3D then it would not be a good ride for them.  The length of the ride seemed right and I enjoyed the attraction.  To disembark out of the vehicle was easy. 
The Bistrot Chez Remy located right outside the Ratatouille attraction
The Bistrot Chez Remy located right outside the Ratatouille attraction

What I didn’t realize is that when you exit the ride you have a full view of the Bistrot Chez Rémy restaurant on the other side of a glass wall.  I think Disney was ingenious doing that because I realized I was hungry and couldn’t think of a better place to eat!  The restaurant was delightful!  The booths and restaurant décor are fashioned as life-size (for a rodent) cups, saucers, and silverware. The menu had many choices and I selected the steak and fries which came with a side of ratatouille (of course!). I recommend you make a reservation for the restaurant since the wait can be quite long without one. Bon Appétit!

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