Moana Comes to the World of LEGO

LEGO continues to branch out into the world of Disney.  With Moana, LEGO introduces two new sets into their Disney collection – Moana’s Ocean Voyage (41150) and Moana’s Island Adventure.  Both sets are stylized in the Princess line of figures with thinner, longer arms and legs and more “realistic” faces.  Interestingly, neither one is part of the Princess line but rather simply stand under the Disney banner.  Not sure why this happened since Moana is being treated as one of the Disney Princess characters.  The sets are definitely considered mid-range with costs near the $30 mark.

Set Title: Moana’s Island Adventure
Set Number: 41149
# of Pieces: 205
Cost: $24.99
Age: 5-12
Genre: Disney

Moana’s Island Adventure is the smaller of the two at 205 pieces.  Like the other Princess sets, this one is heavy on accessories rather than more complex buildings, although it does have two small locations  – the cave where Moana discovers the heritage of her people and her home.  The cave has some great details including the drums Moana bangs in the film to reveal the sailing ships and the Heart of Ti Fiti.  It also includes Moana’s pet pig, Pua.  For Pua fans that alone will be worth getting this set.

Set Title: Moana’s Ocean Voyage
Set Number: 41150
# of Pieces: 307
Cost: $39.99
Age: 6-12
Genre: Disney

Moana’s Ocean Voyage however has the rest of Moana’s companions including a big figure of Maui (as befitting his size and stature).  You’ll find Hei Hei with this set as well as two adorable (but fierce) Kakamora including a catapult to launch them Moana’s way.  This set has one small location – the island of Te Fiti which transforms into Te Ka and back.  It also includes Moana’s canoe complete with compartment to store supplies.  And in case you were wondering, Moana’s outfit is different between the two mini-dolls (they don’t call them minifigures in this line) so if you’re a collector you’ll have to get both. Between these two sets any child (or adult) can recreate the magic of the movie.  Nicely sculpted and well done, each set has enough variety to keep you busy.

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