May The Fourth Be With You…And LEGO!

Make Star Wars Day a LEGO day!

The first official Star Wars Day was organized in 2011 but since that time the celebration has gone viral.  Fans all over the world celebrate May the Fourth in honor of the classic film series (get it? – May the Fourth Be With You?).  People throw Star Wars themed parties, have Star Wars viewing marathons, and tons of companies have special deals on Star Wars themed merchandise.  And LEGO is again getting in on the action.

LEGO set 75144 Snowspeeder is part of the Ultimate Collector’s Series with some pretty incredible features

This time around for 2017, they are releasing the newest Star Wars LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series model – the T-47 Airspeeder aka the snowspeeder.  This 1703 piece set has some incredible features and is highly detailed as you would expect from the Ultimate Collector’s Series line.  Not only does it have retractable landing gear and a cockpit that opens, but the flaps you see open and close while the snowspeeder makes its way across the frozen landscape of Hoth also open and close on the speeder.  The rear mounted gun also rotates from a control inside the cockpit!  I’m geeking out over the details of this model.  As with every Ultimate Collector’s Series model it comes with a stand and decorative information plate.  The T-47 also includes two exclusive minifigures with special detailing including striping on their flight jackets and distinctive helmets.

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Also for Star Wars Day, if you spend $50 between May 4-7 on Star Wars LEGO products, you will receive a free R2D2 mini-set (as long as supplies last which might not be very long).  You will also receive DOUBLE VIP POINTS for all your Star Wars LEGO purchases.  I love double point days because it lets me earn money twice as fast!  In LEGO retail stores only, if you come into the store dressed as your favorite Star Wars character and complete the search and find activity in the store, you get free wearable Yoda ears.  And at 5pm, each store will sponsor a “minifigure speed build challenge” and the fastest builders will receive a free minifigure!  Always love the free minifigures.

To top it off, Disney XD is hosting a 24-hour LEGO Star Wars Marathon featuring The Freemaker Adventures (season 1 is now on sale on DVD).  If you haven’t watched The Freemaker Adventures,
you are in for a treat.  It is an irreverent look into the everyday happenings of a family trying to make it during the reign of the Empire.  It is funny, witty, and filled with tons of Star Wars references for the hard core fan including guest appearances by many of your favorite characters.  And from the promotional images, it looks like we’ll get a chance to see Chopper from Star Wars Rebels as well!  If you’re hosting a Star Wars Day party or just want to relax and watch something enjoyable, make sure to tune in to Disney XD.  I wonder if they’ll also show Droid Tales… so funny!

May the 4th Be With You!

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