Dancing With the Stars Fantasy League Update – Week 2

I am not above admitting when I am wrong.

And I couldn’t have been more wrong.  To be fair, I didn’t know about Debbie Gibson’s physical ailments or the amount of toll it would take on her body.  But to have your favorite pick eliminated in week 2 is pretty bad.  Derek Fisher is doing well, but doesn’t seem to be top tier.  Still, he could still make it to the finals if he keeps improving.  And TO’s chances do not seem to work in his favor.  His long, lanky body is turning out to be a hindrance, especially because Cheryl simply isn’t tall enough to balance him out.  Finishing in the bottom two this early does not bode well.  Like I said, it’s hard to tell before opening night who really has the stuff and who just looks good on paper.

Having said all of that, I have completely NEW picks!

Lindsey and Mark did a tight traditional Latin Night dance and got them the second highest marks of the evening!(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Third Place: Lindsey Sterling.  The woman is dedicated, charming, and with some serious dance moves.  It’s hard to know if being partnered with Mark Ballas will be good or bad for her, but so far he has done an amazing job.  Mark sometimes goes a bit too esoteric for my taste (and for Len’s) and his dances sometimes highlight his creativity over actual dance.  BUT when Mark is on his game, it is hard to beat him and with a woman with as much talent and drive as Lindsey, there might be no stopping them.  Lindsey may not have the fan following to carry her into the finals, but I think her popularity will grow with her performances.

Second Place: Vanessa Lachey? Seriously, I would not have imagined her in my top 3 EVER.  But Vanessa has some SERIOUS moves.  The only question is does she have enough star power to get the popular vote?  Sometimes being a good dancer isn’t enough.  But WOW.  Getting consistently high scores on opening night, Ballroom Night, and Latin Night makes her more than a strong contender, but a potential winner!  She looks as if she was born to dance!

Lindsay and Jordan already showing dance moves a step above the crowd (ABC/Eric McCandless)

First Place: Jordan Fisher – no doubt.  He has enough star power to push him through even if he didn’t have crazy mad dancing feet.  The guy can just flat out dance.  And I love Lindsay.  She is not only beautiful, but exceptionally talented and a way above average choreographer.  Watching Jordan, you’d think we were in week five or six instead of week two.  Jordan is also incredibly fluid in his movements with a flexibility that will serve him well in the coming weeks.  And he and Lindsay seem to have a real connection which always adds to their chances.

Frankie and Witney doing an amazing Cha Cha together on Latin Night (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Dark Horse: This was hard. I could easily have picked Victoria Arlen who is not only sweet but SO amazing!  Can’t feel her legs?  I don’t know how she is doing it.  But the judges don’t seem as keen on her.  I could also have gone with Sasha Pieterse who seems to have won over the judges and has had surprisingly good scores – better than I would have given her.  My pick though is Frankie Muniz.  I was STUNNED by his Latin Night performance with Witney Carson.  Just AMAZING!  And the judges thought so too, giving them the high score of the night and the first “9.”  Frankie wants to win BAD and he has the same drive as Alfonso did when he won it all.  That drive to win is what puts Frankie over the top in my opinion.

Picks don’t lock until October 9th so you’ve still got time to change your mind in the DWTS Fantasy League.  Week three will really solidify some of these picks.  Who is going to be your favorite?

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