The Freemaker Adventures Return for Season 2 (DVD Review)

Leave the Star Wars humor to LEGO!

The Freemaker family returns to (literally) wreck havoc across the galaxy.  All of your favorite characters are back for Season 2 but this time they are working for the Rebellion.  Rowan, Kordi, and Zander put their various talents to the test in service to Admiral Ackbar, General Hera Syndulla, and the rest of the Rebel leadership.  Korid’s gift for strategy, Zander’s gift for piloting, and Rowan’s gift for building make them quite useful to the Alliance.

M-OC is the newest baddie in LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

Taking place between Episodes 5 and 6, this time the family intersects much more with actual Star Wars history.  During the season, the Emperor is working hard on Death Star II and his quest for enough Khyber Crystals to power the massive battle station makes him seek out young 12 (and a half) year old Rowan who along with his natural Force ability to build also has a knack for finding Khyber Crystals.  The show culminates at the Battle of Endor where the Freemaker family makes a difference.

The Freemakers meeting with the Rebellion leadership

Not exactly considered “canon” it takes liberties with characterization – especially Vader and the Emperor who are much funnier than their film counterparts.  Consistent with the rest of the LEGO Star Wars animated shows, this one is loaded with funny lines and plenty of nods to the original films.  Lots of familiar characters from Star Wars history seem to find their way into the Freemaker series.  Luke, Hera, Admiral Ackbar, and Mon Mothma are some of the more well known characters included in Season 2, but there are also appearances by more minor characters like Bren Derlin (a fan favorite), Dengar, Zuckuss (who has a really funny episode where he feels slighted for being a droid), and Quarrie who plays a pretty significant role this season.  Quarrie is from an episode of Star Wars Rebels and is the designer of the B-Wing Fighter.  His name was an homage to Ralph McQuarrie who designed so many of the iconic looks for Star Wars.  Quarrie takes on young Rowan as an apprentice and also takes part in some of the Freemaker adventures.

The DVD release contains all 12 episodes from Season 2 along with all 5 bonus shorts that played prior to the season premiere.  PLUS, it comes with a cool Darth Vader LEGO pin so you can show off your love of LEGO Star Wars animation to all of your friends.  There are no other bonus features but at a retail price of only $18.00 it’s plenty of fun entertainment for your dollar ($16.96 on Amazon when this piece was written).  If you love Star Wars and like to smile, this series is for you.

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