River Belle Terrace, Journey to the South – Disney Foodie Spotlight

The River Belle steamboat for which the restaurant is named

Southern food done right in a theme park? River Belle Terrace has undergone a transformation from sandwich shop to fine dining.  While you may not find collard greens here, you will definitely find some really tasty Southern inspired dishes.  Almost like something you’d find at a really fancy potluck in Georgia.  Pimento Cheese Dip, Baked Beans, Fried Fish, Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Spareribs, and Beef Brisket Sandwich are some of the selections on the River Belle Terrace menu.  Some great comfort food done with a lot of flavor.

Location: Frontierland
Type: Table service
Specialty: Southern food
Cost: $10 appetizers; $20 meals
Craig’s Favorite: All of it – the whole meal was delicious

Having changed over in February 2016, this table serve restaurant used to be a counter service place probably most well known for breakfast than anything else.  Home to the Mickey Mouse Pancake, that particular dish is no longer being served having been sent to Rancho del Zocalo just down the street.  When Big Thunder Ranch disappeared for Star Wars Land, there was nowhere serving some down home barbeque so it seems as if it was moved to River Belle Terrace.  But instead of simply copying the menu from Big Thunder Barbeque, the chefs of Disneyland have added some flair.  With a nice variety of dishes designed to please the palate (and a rather large selection of allergy-friendly options), everyone in the family will find something to enjoy.

The Beef Brisket Sandwich is full of juicy, meaty flavor on a delicious roll with some tasty tater tots and beans

The first time I went, I ordered the Beef Brisket Sandwich.  Normally I go the gluten-free route, but it was worth it this once to experience my favorite style of beef with crispy onion strings and tater tots (which surprisingly are not gluten-free – perhaps because they are cooked in a non-gluten-free fryer?).  The taste and flavor was great.  The meat was not dry, but cooked just right.  The tots were crispy yet soft inside like they should be.  And the slaw was not too much vinegar or sugar but with the right balance.  I loved the baked beans.  They weren’t done like sugar beans, but had a nice rich flavor and some depth to it as well.

I went back in April 2017 and tried the Fried Chicken Sandwich and let me tell you how good THAT was!  OMG.  Just mouth-watering fried chicken on a bun.  And again, I ordered the tater tots which were (again) cooked just right.  Rarely is fried chicken cooked just right – not overdone is what I’m getting at.  And the sides were such a great compliment to the food.  Definitely worth stopping by this place for some grub!  But make reservations in case they get too busy.

If you’re missing some down South barbeque, don’t miss out on River Belle Terrace for all of that and more.

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