Sing-A-Long to The Nightmare Before Christmas! (Blu-Ray Review)

Christmas is starting even earlier this year!

Celebrating 25 years, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is being released in a new sing-a-long format.  Fans of the silver anniversary classic will undoubtedly already know all of the songs by heart, but for new fans, this will be a delight.  And for long-time fans, even the sing-a-long parts are fun and whimsical right in the same vein as the rest of the film.  The movie can be played in the original theatrical presentation or you can play the sing-a-long version.  If you have a favorite song, one of the bonus materials is the ability to sing just your favorite songs without having to pour through the movie.

Much of this new release is actually classic material, but if you haven’t seen it before, it’s filled with tons of stuff sure to please fans.  My personal favorite is the journey through the Disneyland attraction Haunted Mansion Holiday – “‘What’s This?’ Jack’s Haunted Mansion Tour.”  Every year the Imagineers seem to add different touches to liven up the attraction, but watching this bonus feature, I found out there were LOTS of things I didn’t know.  Like the display in the boarding area (known as the “Merry Scary Christmas Card”) is actually a scary Advent calendar!  Every week, a different present was meant to “open” so frequent visitors would have something to look forward to each week (I don’t know if it still operates that way, but was a detail I just never paid attention to). There are 13 different presents so every week a new one opens.  There were tons of other details that went into the development of this Disneyland favorite that will inspire you to go on it again.

The Merry Scary Christmas Card in the Haunted Mansion Holiday

One of the best features was hearing Tim Burton’s original poem of The Nightmare Before Christmas.   Narrated by Christopher Lee, whose voice is such a good fit for this reading, and animated with Tim’s original illustrations, it is remarkable how he crafted his own holiday tradition and turned it into a film.  The animation is impressive and vibrant, letting viewers see into the creative process that began in Tim’s mind.  Other classic features included deleted animated scenes, deleted storyboard scenes, a “making of” documentary, the full movie version of Frankenweenie, and even Tim’s animated short, Vincent.  Overall, this is a wonderfully rich way to celebrate this Disney classic.  Who would have thought 25 years ago that this stop-motion animated film would be so entrenched in Disney tradition?

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