LEGO Reimagines Classic Star Wars Sets! (May the Fourth Be With You)

Looking back into the future!

LEGO celebrates a 20 year collaboration with Star Wars by creating new sets that reimagine past ones and add a contemporary twist.  Each of the five commemorative sets includes a redesign of the original set, adding new details and new highlights along with updated minifigs.  Each set also includes a 20th anniversary figure, recreating the original minifig but with a cool 20th anniversary logo on the back.  One of the cool new features is allowing some of the ships in the set to fire actual bricks (for safety reasons in the past, LEGO omitted this fun feature).

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The five sets include some fan favorites from different price points to make it easier for everyone to participate in the fun.  From the 20th Anniversary Slave I at $119.99 to the 20th Anniversary Imperial Drop Ship at $19.99, these sets span a wide wallet size, but are reasonable enough to collect them all.  And if you do, the 20th Anniversary minifigs stands connect together to form a cool display – yellow faces and all!  Did you know that Lando was one of the first minifigs to feature true-to-life skin tone variations?

LEGO sent me the Clone Scout Walker to test it out for myself (thanks LEGO!) and it is a fun set to build, but also for the nostalgia of it all.  In the set is not only instructions for how to put it together, but it comes with details about the previous set, what was changed, and what is highlighted in it along with some fun facts.  As you would expect with LEGO, the pieces are separated into handy pouches with instructions that make it clear how to put it together.  The articulation of the walker was impressive and it can stand solidly on its own. I love the addition of the Spider Droid with its own firing function and the distance those pieces can fly is pretty impressive.  The Wookie warrior and Kashyyyk Trooper were great additions, too.  And at 250 pieces it was more than double in size of the original.

Love the completed set!

If you’re a long-time LEGO Star Wars fan, these are great additions to your collection!  If you’re new to the LEGO Star Wars universe, this is a great series to jump in and get started.  You’ll get a taste of LEGO Star Wars history while having fun building contemporary sets at the same time.  No matter what, this is a great way to honor the history of LEGO Star Wars!

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