LEGO Celebrates 20 Years of Star Wars! (May the Fourth Be With You)

Over 700 sets and 1000 minifigures later…

Star Wars and LEGO have been in collaboration since 1999 and have brought some of the most beloved LEGO sets to fans around the world.  Everything from Microfighters to the new Tantive IV (coming out in time for Star Wars Day on May the 4th), the creative world of this beloved universe comes to life in bricks and pieces.  As LEGO has grown in sophistication, so have the various Star Wars sets.  Just to see the progression of minifigure history has been an interesting romp through time.  Remember when all the minifig faces were yellow?

The many faces (and bodies) of Luke Skywalker as told through LEGO

LEGO Star Wars has been so successful that it not only has spawned hundreds of amazing sets, but its own series of animated shows and shorts as well as video games on both consoles and hand-held devices.  LEGO has even carved out its own section of the Star Wars universe through the Freemaker Adventures which are both original and funny stories that tie-in directly (although perhaps not canonically) to the Star Wars universe.  Every series set in a galaxy far, far away has been represented in LEGO, from the films to the television shows including Star Wars Rebels, Clone Wars and the newest Star Wars Resistance.

But the impact hasn’t been one way.  The Star Wars sets also inspired the first short-legged minifigs as well as the first original head sculpt for a LEGO figure. And in 2003, along with representation of NBA basketball players, Lando Calrissian was among the first minifigs to use natural skin tones, thus leading the way to the variety we see today.  The partnership has been one proving fruitful to both companies but most importantly to fans everywhere who not only get to create their own Star Wars universe out of bricks, but get to indulge in the creativity of the LEGO brand.


For the 20th anniversary, LEGO had some fun creating a special logo out of bricks as well as breaking the world record for largest display of Star Wars minifigures using an astounding 36,440 individual stormtroopers. They showcased this display in the shape of a stormtrooper helmet at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago for 2019.  But that’s not all.

As traditionally May the 4th is Star Wars Day around the world, LEGO is presenting a day early the new Tantive IV model with the first Bail Organa minifigure, a new skirt piece for Princess Leia, and an updated model of Captain Antilles.  Even without those the Tantive IV is impressive!  At 1,768 pieces, this massive set (recommended for builders 12+) is an awesome tribute to the opening scene of the first Star Wars movie ever – A New Hope. The Rebel blockade runner includes five minifigures as well as firing turrets, a radar dish that is also a carrying handle, removable escape pods, and interior sets to play with your minifigures. It’s a beautiful set with lots of building fun.  If you’re looking for a perfect gift for Star Wars Day, you can’t go wrong with the Tantive IV (or one of the 20th anniversary commemorative sets or any of the Star Wars LEGO out there today).  May the Fourth Be With You!

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