Lamplight Lounge Lights Up Disney Food Scene – Disney Foodie Spotlight

My new favorite place.

Lamplight Lounge hits all the right spots.  Great food.  Great atmosphere. Great fun!  The walls are filled with memorabilia from different Pixar films.  Movie posters and replica props line the walls including some personal favorites like the Adventure Book from UP!  The menu is creative.  The drinks are festive.  But most of all the food is spectacular!

Housed in the old Ariel’s Grotto, the place is more of a relaxed lounge than a full restaurant.  To be sure, the drinks are meant to be the highlight of the place, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of the food.  You will be sure to enjoy both.  The place is meant to reflect the history of Pixar Studios.  Lamplight Lounge itself is an homage to Luxo Jr. the symbol for Pixar Studios and you can find Luxo Jr. and the famous Luxo Ball all over the place.

Luxo balls line the glass wall as you enter into the main lounge

Location: Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure
Type: Table service
Specialty: Lobster nachos continue to highlight the menu from the former Cove Bar
Cost: About $20 per entree and $12-$21 per appetizer
Craig’s Favorite: Love the fact that so many options are already gluten-free but you have to try the Lobster Nachos and Potato Skins

The food is outright amazing.  The menu is limited and a bit pricey.  But you get your fair share of food to be sure.  And the quality is beyond what you would expect for a theme park let alone a five-star restaurant.  On our first visit, we had to revisit Lobster Nachos which we loved in the past, and it’s at least as good or better than it was before.  Instead of getting lunch, we split another appetizer – the Potato Skins.  They call it potato skins but really they are croquettes with some amazing flavors wrapped inside.  Completely gluten-free, they taste like heavenly chunks of flavor.  Crispy on the outside, but soft and creamy on the inside, the flavor combination with the Manchego cheese is so delicious.  It’s paired with two dipping sauces – a brown butter caper yogurt and a smoked paprika aioli.  Both are incredible so you can’t go wrong.  They do have regular menu items if you want something a bit heartier or more meal like, but everything on the menu looks amazing.  There are only six menu items and seven appetizers, but all are well-portioned.

The drinks are fun and amazing.  Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties have great options.  I had the very tasty Goofball Island which turns out to be a very advanced fruit punch drink.  Sweet and fulfilling!  The combination of fruit punch, lemonade and raspberry puree gives it a tangy kick while still that right amount of sweetness you would hope for.  My daughter Emma had the Infinity Fizz which was awesome fun to drink and to watch.  It’s just Powerade Mountain Berry Blast with apple juice and little cherry pearls which taste like maraschino cherry liquid in boba pearl form.  But it comes out in a special holder and special glass which makes it fizz constantly, pushing the pearls all over.  It’s so much fun to watch AND to drink!  There are lots of options available so bring the whole family.

The decor of course is great and if you’re a fan of Pixar, you’ll find something to love no matter where you turn.  From the posters in different languages to the props from your favorite movies made into real life, you’ll find it all.  The ambience of the place is comforting also.  The main lounge has exposed brick and a variety of comfortable chairs of all different shapes and sizes.  You can also sit outside on the deck underneath the boardwalk which gives you a nice view of the lake. It is just such a comfy, homey, yet trendy place all wrapped in one.  Definitely make reservations though.  It’s hard to find a seat!

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