The Art of The Mandalorian

More than just art – this is a deep dive behind the scenes of The Mandalorian.

Between all the interviews, specials, and media coverage, not to mention the very well crafted series on Disney+, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, what else is there to say about this show? Turns out – A LOT! The Art of The Mandalorian is more than just a showcase for the truly beautiful artwork that has gone into producing the series. It tells the story BEHIND the story about the look and feel of the show, why certain choices were made, what alternatives were discussed, and how all the pieces fell into place.

First of all, the artwork is beyond beautiful. The pieces they show you at the end of every episode are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and this iceberg is DEEP! Everything from preliminary sketches (many of them by Executive Producer Dave Filoni himself) to early versions of characters and ships to final drafts are included, most of them with details about why they were kept or discarded. Computer renditions are shown of some of the interiors of the Razor Crest or maps of the various locations. The detail put into scenes that only appear for seconds is astounding and will give you an even deeper appreciation of the show.

More than just artwork but also schematics used in production

Beyond the artwork, the descriptions of each episode, each picture, each map shine a light onto the development process of The Mandalorian. How Mando’s armor was chosen from bits and pieces of those he’s encountered like the pauldron on his right shoulder coming from a shoretrooper or the armor on his leg coming from a deathtrooper. Even though Mando eventually sheds most of these pieces, there are backstories to it all.

It was interesting to see through the artwork how the story of Mando and The Child was inspired by the Japanese manga Lone Wolf and Cub even down to how they developed the pram Grogu would ride in. The Nikto standoff against the bandits with IG-11 was meant to reflect loosely Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Each chapter begins with a short essay about the production process of the show, but the parts I found most intriguing were how the show came to be and how the principal players were brought together to make it. It’s an amazing book and a treasure trove for all Star Wars fans.

  • Thanks to Abrams books for supplying me with a copy for review. You can purchase your own copy at a book retailer near you or online through venues like The Art of the Mandalorian is $40 retail and $27.98 on Amazon.

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