Star Wars Visions : The “What If?” of Star Wars

Captivating imagery and imaginative stories highlight this blend of Star Wars and anime

Everyone who loves Star Wars has an unique story within them. Every kid who has played with a Star Wars Kenner playset came up with different scenarios about “what would happen if?…” What if not all Sith were bad? What if Luke and Leia grew up under the Dark Side of the Force? What would it be like to play a rock concert for Jabba the Hutt? Star Wars Visions on Disney+ is a wonderful and engaging blend of Japanese anime style with alternate stories within the Star Wars universe. These non-canonical short films take elements of what we already know and reveal them in a new way that is both a visual and auditory blessing to the senses.

A pencil sketch style of anime in “The Duel”

Seven different anime studios worked on these short films to produce nine original episodes for Star Wars Visions. The styles were vastly different but each was engaging and brought a new perspective to something so familiar. From the more traditional anime style of shorts like “The Ninth Jedi” to the pencil sketch variant of “The Duel” to the stylized version of “The Twins,” each style was part of the creative vision which added to the story.

Familiar dialogue in each episode (at least four of them used the famous Han Solo phrase, “I have a bad feeling about this”); familiar objects like X-Wing fighters, Star Destroyers, and lightsabers; and familiar themes of light side vs dark side root this squarely in the realm of Star Wars. But the variety of stories is like having a wonderful four course meal – each one different but contributing to the overall enjoyment of the experience. My personal favorites were “The Duel” for it’s unique anime style and samurai interpretation of Star Wars; “The Ninth Jedi” for its surprising story turns; and “Lop and Ocho” for its bunny rabbit Jedi. Yes, bunny rabbit Jedi. See for yourself and choose which one if your favorite by watching the entire series on Disney+. A true treat for any Star Wars and/or anime fan!

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