Pym Test Kitchen – Avengers Campus Eatery Doesn’t Measure Up

You’re paying for the novelty – not the food.

While it is clever and inventive, it’s not particularly good. Especially not for the price. I’m a big fan of Disney food and generally the chefs behind it all do an exceptionally good job of providing new and different flavors along with creative choices for your meals. And while it’s cute and fun, the food is barely average at best. Certainly not worth the price. We came for breakfast when they first opened and it was PACKED, but not that tasty. One of our friends came for lunch a few weeks later and found it still didn’t measure up.

Ordering area for Pym Test Kitchen

FOOD: We went to town wanting to try everything new. We ordered the Calculated Breakfast, Ever-expanding Cinna-Pym Toast, and the Spoonful of Cereal and Milk as well as some side dishes. All of it looked fun. None of it was very good. I felt more full eating a McDonald’s breakfast for half the price. I know you can only do so much with eggs and bacon, but neither one was that good. The breakfast tater tots were okay, but they could have done something to jazz these up. The cereal and milk came in a cute container, but it was no different than what you could buy in the store – except in the store I would get a full box of cereal and a full container of milk for the same price. But most of all I was disappointed in the Cinna-Pym Toast. It was SO eggy it tasted like eggs with a little bit of bread. Seriously, the egg flavor overpowered any cinnamon or sweetness and they barely give you any syrup. And is it fancy syrup? Nope. Just stuff from a packet. The one thing I loved? The freestyle Coke machines.

SERVICE: Meh. It’s so crowded it’s hard to find a seat. They aren’t particularly quick for pretty basic food. But at least the cast members were nice.

COST: Normally, I give resorts a break because you should expect to pay more at a theme park or anywhere on vacation, but I hope they will at least make it worthwhile. This meal is not worth what you pay for it. I do like the inventiveness, but it’s not inventive enough. There’s nothing exceptional about an overpriced really small egg unless it has incredible flavor or is from an ostrich or something.

Location: Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Resort, Avengers Campus
Type: Quick service
Specialty: Novelty food
Cost: $15-20
Craig’s Favorite: The freestyle Coke machine – wish there was something worth writing home about

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