Terralina Crafted Italian at Disney Springs

Craving Italian food? This is the place to go at Disney World!

The food scene at Walt Disney World has evolved over time from standard park fare to true cuisine! With so many good choices out there, it can be hard to sort through the options. But if you’re craving some great Italian food, you can’t go wrong at Terralina Crafted Italian Restaurant located in Disney Springs. All the Italian options are good, but Terralina has great service, high quality pasta, a good assortment of dishes to choose from, and its location at Disney Springs makes it an ideal place to walk off a very delicious dinner.

The entrance to Terralina Crafted Italian Restaurant at Disney Springs

Terralina is situated in the area closest to Lake Buena Vista next to Paddlefish (another excellent restaurant if you’re craving seafood) and has a wonderful view of the water, but you’ll likely be so focused on the delicious food on the table you may not even notice the charming ambiance of the place. The smell of the food will waft through your nostrils and capture your imagination as you try to decide from among many exciting dishes. They are classics done well – lasagna, pizza, spaghetti, gnocchi, and some good ol’ fashioned rib eye among the many you can choose from. The sauces are made from scratch, the pasta is nice and fresh, and the pizza is hand-tossed. The bread brought to the table had a nice crunch on the outside with a soft as a pillow interior, paired with a beautifully complex olive oil. They also had dishes that were gluten-free but sadly no gluten-free pasta.

The rigatoni calabrese – so rich and delicious

When we came to dine, my wife and I wanted a nice romantic dinner for two that would be both fun and filling, and that is what we got. Our server was excellent with top notch skills and a clear grasp of the menu. But the food is what really sold us. Each part was delicious. I’m usually a shoe-in for lasagna, but something was calling me on the menu – the rigatoni calabrese. It had everything I was looking for – fresh pasta, housemade sausage, tomato, olive, mushroom, and escarole. When it first arrived, I thought I would finish it quickly with room to spare, but the flavors were rich and luscious and filling so I ended up taking some back to the room with me (which was great because then I got to re-live the experience later). We started with the mozzarella-stuffed rice balls which were more delicious than I had imagined and would highly recommend. They are a simple appetizer, but very tasty.

My wife Cassie and I enjoying our dinner together at Terralina Crafted Italian

Overall, we had a wonderful experience! If you’re hoping to find quality Italian food at Walt Disney World, you can certainly find it many places, but Terralina Crafted Italian is a quality place you’ll enjoy.

Location: Disney Springs, Walt Disney World
Type: Table service
Specialty: Italian food
Cost: Generally between $15-20 for a meal not including drinks
Craig’s Favorite: That rigatoni!

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