Disney Villains Labyrinth Is A Maze of Fun!

Ravensburger does it again with fun, entertaining game for the whole family.

Disney Villains Labyrinth is a wonderful game with a simple premise – manipulate the maze to get to the villains on your cards. The first to free their villains from the maze wins! But the fun comes in the randomness of the maze and how with each placement of the tiles the game literally shifts. What once might have been a sure-fire strategy is suddenly doomed to failure and then back again to victory. Part of the fun is the game can be replayed over and over with a different look each time. And Ravensburger adds depth to it by having optional features that make the game more complex.

The board as we laid it out our first time playing

However, it’s actually easy to play and yet with enough complexity to master to make it fun for everyone. Plus, it’s just so much fun sliding the tiles in and out of the maze. The pieces are well crafted and sturdy. The game mechanics are smooth and simple. And the artwork as always with Ravensburger and Disney is very nice. We loved that the box has a perfectly crafted space to hold all the different pieces while keeping them separate, easy to remove, and nice and tidy. Ravensburger has a number of Labyrinth games, but for Disney fans this one is the way to go.

Maleficent is ready for her close up!
A close up of the game board with its moveable pieces

If you’re looking for a fun, family game you can’t go wrong with Disney Villains Labyrinth! It’s amazing how well Ravensburger does in creating these well-crafted games. They put so much quality into everything they do. It’s worth every penny.

Thanks to Ravensburger for giving us a sample of the game to try! It’s definitely a great game.

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