Funko’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – How NOT to Make A Game

Poor quality craftsmanship shoots down an otherwise good game.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to like a game more than Funko’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Big Thunder Mountain is one of our family’s favorite attractions – at ANY Disney theme park and we love and collect tons of different Funko figures, so it seemed like a marriage made in heaven. The premise seemed simple enough – trying to get your train to the finish before everyone else, and the mechanics looked like fun – rolling marbles down the mountain for your train to mine! But alas, really bad craftsmanship on the part of Funko ruined the game.

Cheap, flimsy plastic makes for a poor playing experience

Overall, the game would have been fun to play if it went as it was supposed to, but the board was so poorly constructed it was impossible to keep flat which became very frustrating. Unlike most games, the board was made out of four puzzle pieces that did not fit together well. But if that’s all that was wrong, we could probably ignore it. However the center piece – the mountain itself – was a disaster. I could only kindly say that Funko, known for their quality Pop! brand, really went cheap when it came to producing this game. The mountain and the surrounding pieces were made out of cheap, flimsy plastic that warped and made it even harder to play. The marbles (which represented resources) were hard to get out of the mountain, and when they did come out, they inevitably rolled down only one of the tracks down the mountain. This made for a boring and frustrating experience.

Look how warped the playing board is!

Next time, don’t cheap out Funko! Make a quality game with quality pieces. Other companies seem to be able to do that just fine. Why can’t you? It makes you wonder if anyone play tested the thing before releasing it to the public. Don’t waste your money on this one fellow Disney Nerds!

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