Tiana’s Cookbook is Filled With Bayou Favorites!

A REAL cookbook for all ages – featuring some Southern classics.

When I hear “Disney Princess” book, generally I think of something geared toward the younger generation. And although Tiana’s Cookbook is crafted with younger people in mind, the recipes are genuine, authentic Southern favorites. This isn’t a marshmallow and apple after-school snack. This recipe book features such wonderful dishes like Banana French Toast, Muffuletta Sandwich (with a genuine muffuletta spread), Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Jammin’ Jambalaya, and Perfect Pralines! Wow, I’m getting hungry just writing about it.

To be sure, it’s still written with a young audience in mind. There’s kitchen safety tips in the beginning (probably something most adults should review), how to clean fruits and vegetables properly, and even the importance of keeping a kitchen clean among other advice. And plenty of times it says, “ask an adult…” But leave no doubt, as you cook these dishes you’ll be making food you’ll love! Having lived in the South for a time, some of these dishes have my taste buds remembering the wonderful flavors that would dance in my mouth. You’ll have that same feeling, too!

The dishes are fun and simple without complicated ingredients, but anyone using this cookbook will get a splash of Southern cuisine. And for all of you Princess and the Frog fans, you’ll love being in Tiana’s kitchen. The artwork is beautiful and something collectors will want whether they cook or not. Be sure to grab yours today!

Title: Disney Princess Tiana’s Cookbook
Author: Disney and Joy Howard
Cost: Only $12.99
Publisher: Disney Press
Ages: For anyone able to cook
Genre: Cookbook / Princess and the Frog fans

Thanks to Disney Publishing for a review copy. All opinions are my own.

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