Disney Foodie Spotlight: Remy on the Disney Fantasy (and Dream)

Currently, you can find this Disney foodie treat only in two places in the world – and I can’t tell you their location because it depends on where they are at the moment!  You see, this Disney foodie spot is located on the two newest cruise ships in the Disney fleet – the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.  Remy, like it’s sister Palo, is an exclusive adults-only restaurant on board each of the ships (in fact, they are located across the hall from each other).  Also like Palo, there is a “nominal fee” for the dining experience, but unlike Palo, the “nominal fee” is quite a bit higher.  Palo’s fee for brunch or dinner is $20 per person, while Remy’s fee is $50 for brunch and $75 for dinner.  However, the experience at Remy is really amazing and although both serve high quality food in a pleasant and quiet atmosphere, you should try the Remy meal at least once!

A glass figurine of the little animal who started it all.
A glass figurine of the little animal who started it all.

On our last Disney cruise aboard the Fantasy, we did the Remy brunch.  The two brunch experiences are very different.  A Palo brunch is more like a sophisticated buffet with pastries, cheeses, breads, and meats as an antipasto with an elegant entree and dessert.  Remy’s brunch is a full, multiple-course prix fixe meal.  It begins with the most delicious bread I’ve ever eaten and ends with a tasty, light, and just right Paris Brest (I didn’t know what it was either, but think cream puff with elegance).  In between are some of the most delectable dishes to come across our table.

The champagne pairing was delightful
The champagne pairing was delightful and the view spectacular

Your experience begins in the wine and champagne room where you are given a complimentary glass of light and refreshing champagne paired with Jamon Iberico (fancy prosciutto).  The taste opens up your palette for what is to come.  The head chef explains the food journey you are about to embark on and tells you how this particular meal was uniquely put together by two different chefs – a classically trained French chef of a two-star Michelin restaurant and an American chef of a five-star restaurant with modern French twists.  The sommelier comes in next to explain the optional champagne pairings and how they were chosen to complement the dishes.  After this introduction, we were led to our seats overlooking the ocean where we met our server – a delightful and enchanting young woman who was very knowledgeable and personable.

Calling it a "sweet corn emulsion" doesn't do it justice
Calling it a “sweet corn emulsion” doesn’t do it justice

We opened with a sweetcorn emulsion, but that description is misleading because the flavors in the emulsion were very rich and smooth – far more than simply sweet corn emulsified.  Our next plate was the salmon dish with caviar that was the best salmon I think I’ve ever had.  My wife wasn’t so keen on salmon so they gave her a delicious gnocchi-like dish that was also delicious.   After that we experienced the sea bass a la planche served on a bed of fluffy eggs with a thai sweet sauce beneath it.  The bass was cooked perfectly and oddly enough the egg and sauce pairing enhanced the flavor of the fish.  I never would have guessed sea bass and scrambled eggs.  Next up was veal which was perfectly cooked and came with a little potato croquette that has a surprise in the middle.  I won’t tell you so you can experience it for yourself, but it’s an interesting touch.  Our meal closed with the Paris Brest which was a hazelnut filling between pastry served with a perfect Quenelle of ice cream.  Personally, I have a slight allergy to hazelnuts, but went ahead anyway because they looked so good.  I was not disappointed.

My wife did the optional champagne pairing for an extra $25 – totally worth it.  Each course was served with a complementary glass (not free but paired tastefully) that heightened the experience.  At first you might think $25 extra?  But after the fifth glass of champagne, you’re too happy to notice.  It’s honestly a lot of champagne and all of it high quality.  I’m not much into alcohol so I just took a sip from my wife’s glass and I found each one to be really delicious.  The chef then sent out an assortment of petit fours for us to try including little rum cakes, an interesting marshmallow (not my favorite), and chocolate lollypops that we saved for the girls.

Overall, it was completely worth it.  Not only was it nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the ship, but it was great to get away with my wife and enjoy a meal together.  And you really can’t beat the quality of the food.  I would say that it is among the finest restaurants we have eaten in and surely would cost much more off of the ship.  So take advantage of it at least once.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

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