My Encounter with Scoop Sanderson: A True Gentleman (and Pin-thusiast)

If you are a pin-thusiast like me, you have GOT to meet Scoop Sanderson on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom.  Scoop doesn’t just trade pins, he embodies the spirit of what pin trading is supposed to be about and why many of us engage in this fun, friendly hobby.   He has a warm personality and he very much appreciates a good handshake, good manners, and an introduction.  He insists on knowing the people he’s trading with and will ask you to tell him your name as he extends the hand of friendship.  In the short time I spent with him, I saw many a befuddled face when Scoop was asked by someone if they could have “that pin.”  He would say in an upbeat and positive way, “Sure, but I don’t trade with strangers.” And would shake hands with the person and ask them for their name.

Me and Scoop!
Me and Scoop!

Scoop, who’s “job” on Main Street is a press reporter (hence the name “Scoop”), can be found walking the main thoroughfare on Main Street.  He’s dressed in stylish turn of the last century clothing and beneath his vest is a mighty lanyard of pins.  The first time I met him, he had on two lanyards – one for special pins and one for Hidden Mickeys.  This time it was just the special pins, but they were mighty special indeed.

He appreciates people who also embody the spirit of pin trading.  If you’re lucky, Scoop might give you one of his special “Continuing the Tradition” pins.  You can’t trade for this pin with Scoop.  It’s something he gives to people and I was lucky enough to receive one from him.  When I met him, I didn’t even know about this pin, so you can bet I was not only surprised but honored to be given one by him.  He autographed it to me, dated, and personalized it with his trusty enamel pen.  After trading with Scoop (and being on my best behavior), he asked me to wait a moment while he traded with some other guests.  I obliged.  After all, this is the man who just traded with me a limited release AP pin!  It was the least I could do.  When the crowd had cleared, he said to me, “You traded some really nice pins and I appreciate that.  I’d like to give you one of my pins,” and he pulled out a shiny new “Continuing the Tradition” pin for me.  Again, quite an honor.

Receiving the "Continuing the Tradition" pin from Scoop.
Receiving the “Continuing the Tradition” pin from Scoop.

If you love pin trading and want to experience the living embodiment of the pin trading tradition, go and make it a point to visit with Scoop on Main Street!  It’ll be worth your while.

Disney tip: Each time I’ve found Scoop it was because I asked a Cast Member who was able to call someone off stage and find out where and when Scoop would show up.  I also asked the other Main Street Characters and they always seem to know.  Two fine ladies told me Scoop usually shows up on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.  I’m not sure how long that schedule will be in effect but he isn’t there every day so find out in advance to make the most of your visit.

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4 thoughts on “My Encounter with Scoop Sanderson: A True Gentleman (and Pin-thusiast)

    1. Hi, Tonya! I need to update the post, but Scoop stopped trading pins. I was so sad to hear that. He is still around, and I don’t know why he doesn’t trade pins any longer. If I hear anything I’ll post it.

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