Why Inhumans Is A Hard Sell in the 21st Century

“You’re just a human.”

It’s hard to cheer on a group of “heroes” who don’t act very heroic.  At least not to our American sensibilities.  If they titled the show Maximus: Liberator of Slaves it might have a better ring to it.  Are we really supposed to root for a group of despotic privileged rulers who perpetuate a caste system that belittles people without powers?  Is that the basis of the show?  Sure Maximus is a bit harsh, but he did give everyone a chance to change their ways and they all refused.  Seeing how he was mistreated and looked down upon as a second class citizen just because of his genetic makeup, it’s hard not to sympathize with him.  If this were the X-Men, Maximus would be Cyclops – not Magneto.  In fact the Royal Family would be more akin to the Hellfire Club – rich, privileged, and unwilling to share power.

Perhaps Maximus deserves to be on the throne? I’m sure by the end of the season it will be clear he shouldn’t, but the way it’s set up now, it’s Black Bolt and family who have treated others poorly.

I appreciate that the showrunners decided not to make the show simply black and white, good vs. evil, but it’s hard to build empathy around anyone in particular except Maximus who I’m sure we’re supposed to view as the “bad guy.”  But if it’s true that the parents of Black Bolt and Maximus did away with Crystal’s parents who spoke out on behalf of the mining class, that speaks poorly of them and only reinforces the privileged life without remorse by Black Bolt.  I’m hoping with five more episodes that we see something resembling an interesting plot develop.  Right now the plot line is pretty plebeian and unoriginal. Plus, right now, the biggest villain seems to be Medusa.  She killed a fellow Inhuman in cold blood after she was offered the opportunity to surrender.  Then she pulled a gun on an unarmed human.

For a character that relies on one physical feature to define who she is, sadly that feature isn’t present since the first episode. The viewer never gets invested enough to feel the character’s pain and why this is tragic. (ABC/Karen Neal)

The show production falls short also (except for Lockjaw who is adorable).  The Grand Hall isn’t very grand.  Crystal’s hair looks spray-painted (I always thought those black bands were actually a headpiece and not some design painted on to her head).  And the Callisto Aerospace Command Center looks like an abandoned warehouse with a few television screens. I was really expecting something better considered the quality of production on every other Marvel show – big or little screen.  I haven’t given up on Marvel’s Inhumans yet, but with the show almost half over it doesn’t bode well for it’s future.  Agent Carter was SO much better, it makes me wonder if ABC questions canceling such a promising show considering the reception Inhumans has received.

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