Don’t Read This Post! It’s Cursed! (book review)

Well, you might as well read it now.

It’s too late anyway.  You’re cursed. Leave it to Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls to come up with yet another innovative way to continue the story of the Pines twins in this cute, intriguing, and new approach to the COLORING book.  But it’s not quite a coloring book now is it? No. Instead it’s another adventure in the life of Dipper and Mabel.  Dipper gets caught in the pages of a coloring book and the only way out is for you and Mabel to help color him out…or not!

Title: Don’t Color This Book: It’s Cursed!
Author: Emmy Cicierga with illustrations by Stephanie Ramirez (and help by Alex Hirsch)
Cost: $12.99
Publisher: Disney Press
Ages: 8-12
Genre: Activity books

Emmy Cicierga wrote the book with help from Alex along with illustrations by Stephanie Ramirez – both of whom are long-time collaborators on the original series and a number of other published Gravity Falls books.  Don’t Color This Book is another example of creative genius.  It tells a new story set in the realm of Gravity Falls but it is at the same time fully a coloring book.  There are pages and pages of characters fans will be familiar with that they can add their own artistic touch.  Along the way there are tips and hints from Dipper and Mabel along with some activity pages to do.  But the entire book is actually a story about an encounter the Pines twins have with a strange creature called Chamelius Pendraggin.

It’s quite clever how Emmy weaves the story in amongst the coloring pages.  And Stephanie’s drawings are done well.  In some coloring books aimed at an older audience, the pages can be too overwhelming either with tiny details that only the smallest pen could fill in or so complex as to lack the creative freedom to make the image your own.  Stephanie does a wonderful job of avoiding either problem and fills the pages with fun.  At only 160 pages, it isn’t as long as other coloring books, nor is the height and width the size of a standard coloring page.  But keep in mind that first and foremost this is a story.  Thus the size and the shape fit it’s purpose well.  For Gravity Falls fans who miss this wonderful show, these nuggets of brilliance are a nice way to fill that void when the twins left their Uncle’s home.  And for coloring fans, this will be a fun book to while away the time.

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