Mickey Joins the Outdoors with Columbia Sportswear

Take your Mickey fashion to the great outdoors!

Columbia Sportswear Company, known for their outerwear and ski wear, launched a new line featuring everyone’s favorite mouse. Each piece features key Mickey colors – Mickey shoes yellow, Mickey pants red, and Mickey black.  Some pieces are overtly Mickey and others are more subtle.  Everything from shirts to jackets to pants to shorts and of course a hat.  Columbia began its over 80 year history by making hats, something they still do today including the Mickey shredder hat with a small Mickey logo on its side.  This new line features clothes for the whole family to cover you in all different situations.

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Teaming up with Disney, Jeff Shelly, Art Director at Disney Consumer Products, designed Mickey’s outdoor look for Columbia.  His drawings appear on every piece of Mickey inspired apparel – sometimes quite obviously and other times not so much.  While the Disney Zero Rules Graphic T-Shirt is the most overt with Mickey splashed across the chest, you have to look VERY closely at the gradient version of the Disney Sun Deflector Top to really see this homage.  Tiny Mickey symbols literally cover this shirt, but so small it just looks like a gradient pattern.  The Disney Ibex Jacket doesn’t have a Mickey on the drawing on the outside, but instead comes with Mickey hiding on the inside lining.  However, it’s hard to miss Mickey’s presence as the hood of this rain wear has two prominent Mickey ears (which apparently can be hidden).

Columbia sent me a few of these awesome pieces of clothing to wear and I loved them!  The Sun Deflector Top had a weird reflective surface that reminded me of alligator skin, but it’s super lightweight and would be wonderful for running, hiking, or wearing in the pool.  The sun reflective technology helps the wearer from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays (rated SPF 50), but it also is has Omni-Wick and Omni-Freeze to pull away sweat and keep you cool when it does get hot.  I did get to try the Disney Ibex Jacket also in bright yellow which my daughter noted makes it look like Pooh Bear!  It is adorable and I love the Mickey shaped ventilation to help keep you cool while the Omni-Tech material keeps you dry.  But my favorite has to be the Disney Santa Ana Anorak.  It’s classy, cool, and so lightweight.  Not quite as waterproof as the Omni-Tech material of the Ibex Jacket, but it’s so comfortable and can be folded into it’s own front pocket!  Pretty awesome.

Thanks Columbia for letting me try these!

If you’re already a fan of Columbia Sportswear, you know the high quality material and craftsmanship of their products.  If you haven’t tried it you’ll definitely appreciate the quality, not to mention the awesome Mickey magic.  Although unisex, sizes are more in the men’s range so you might need to size down but for me they were just right.  Prices vary but are a little on the higher end of the scale with the anorak coming in at $90 for adults and $75 for kids (extra material you know).  The highest cost for adults is the Interchanger Jacket at $200 with the least expensive being the hat at $35.  Kids prices range from $30 for the hat and $35 for the shirt and up to $125 for the Ibex Jacket. But you are paying for the quality of the clothing and not because it’s a Disney collectible (although it is).  Enjoy this latest homage to everyone’s favorite mouse!

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