FiGPiN Elevates Pin Collecting

Do you FiGPiN?

If you love Disney pin collecting, you’ll love FiGPiN! FiGPiN has everything pin collectors are looking for when adding to their collection. The quality of each pin is exquisite and crafted with great care. They are made of a high-quality zinc alloy which makes them look incredible and feel smooth but substantial. The artwork is both colorful and detailed and most importantly looks like the characters they are supposed to portray. Each one is big enough to appreciate the fine detail in the art and are beautiful to look at.

For the collector, though, these go even a step further! Each one is UNIQUELY numbered and you can record your FiGPiN in the FiGPiN app you can download to your phone (not to worry, if you trade it, you can delete the number so the new owner can input it into their own app). They each come in a high quality case to protect the pin and make for easy storage without having to worry if the pin back will get bent. In fact, FiGPiN has a unique pin locking system to make it more secure and less likely to bend regardless if you keep it in the case or wear it on your jacket.

And if you like exclusives, you’ll love FiGPiN even more. They create pins in different levels of rarity so both the casual collector who just enjoys the quality artwork and design can find their favorite pins without going broke. But FiGPiN also produces limited editions, variants, and exclusives galore! They have online exclusives, convention exclusives, store exclusives – even their exclusives are exclusive! Some of the first Disney FiGPiN designs came out as exclusives at D23 Expo 2019 with Pink Dress Ariel #228 (LE500) and Glitter Sorcerer Mickey (LE1000) and now they have OODLES more.

Was able to get two of my favorites – Figment and Steamboat Mickey

Just released as exclusives to the Disney Parks are pins of both Figment and Orange Bird! Collectors can ONLY buy these by visiting the parks. However, they also released some pins exclusive to both the parks and shopDisney including Sorcerer Mickey, Tinkerbell, Maleficent, Boba Fett, and more. These are the first FiGPiN with the “Authentic Disney Pins” sticker and are a limited release. These are just the first theme park exclusives so be on the look out for more. Pin collectors, you’ll love these if you don’t already.

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