Flying Fish Cafe Soars Above the Rest (Disney Foodie)

Disney dining at its finest – seafood lovers rejoice!

Flying Fish Cafe on the Boardwalk at Walt Disney World is one of my favorites.  If you love seafood, it’s a must on your “to do” list. The food is high quality and has that Club 33 ambience without the necessary membership (although you had better get a reservation). The prices are what you’d expect from an upscale dining experience so be prepared, but the food is worth it! The first time we went, the hostess was very nice and recommended sitting at the chef’s table. It was bar-type seating, but you were able to watch as they cooked your food and it was quite the treat! If it’s available, try and get a seat there and enjoy the show for yourself. It lives up to the Signature Dining Experience label!

Redesigned interior still oceanic, but even more elegant than before

Location: Disney’s Boardwalk
Type: Table service, Signature Dining Experience
Specialty: Seafood and steak
Cost: Generally between $40-60 for a meal not including drinks
Craig’s Favorite: Potato-wrapped red snapper

Because the menu changes frequently and seasonally (especially the veggies) I can’t tell you for sure what they will have.  The menu is basically seafood and steak, but there’s nothing “basic” about it.  Each dish is exquisitely created and balanced. There are plant-based options and a chicken dish, but if you’re not coming for steak and seafood you’ll be missing out on the highlights of this place. The first time we came they had truffle fries which were heavenly.  But the next couple of times, no such luck.  Still I can’t complain.  Between the luxurious mushroom soup, the exploding with flavor potato-wrapped red snapper, and the simply creamy risotto – I haven’t missed out on much.  Now, I’ve had the potato-wrapped snapper at least twice and I highly recommend it.  It is just heavenly perfection on a plate which is why its a staple dish of the restaurant even after the refurbishment.  When it comes out you almost don’t want to eat it because it looks so scrumptious, but please do eat it.  Or send it to me!  The appetizers are a bit pricey, but each one is quite tasty.  Still make sure to save room for your main dish.

Now, if you’re looking for some romantic fine dining, there is plenty of wonderful seating in the dining area itself, but for a special treat, try sitting at the chef’s table.  The chefs are very friendly and will interact with you when you are dining.  It’s fun to watch them prepare the dishes and being able to see into the open kitchen is fun by itself. The first time we came, we didn’t even have to reserve a table, but I think we were particularly lucky being able to sit where we did.  I would definitely recommend you call ahead to get that kind of seating.  The wait staff is exceptional and each time I’ve come they have been like caretakers rather than employees.  Water always filled, questions answered kindly, and attentive but not excessively.  Prices at this Signature Dining experience are a bit high for the average budget.  Disney quotes about $40 – $60 per person and I would say that $40 is definitely on the low end without drinks, desserts, or appetizer.  Now, I still haven’t tried a dessert here, but they look amazing! Maybe next time I’ll have to carve out some room. You can’t go wrong at this exceptional restaurant!

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