Star Wars Sunglasses That Make A DIFFerence

Buy a cool pair of Star Wars sunglasses AND help others in need!

DIFF Charitable Eyewear has collaborated with Lucasfilm to produce a fun and stylish set of sunglasses modeled after your favorite Star Wars characters. A portion of every purchase goes to one of 300 charities including Sightsavers, an international non-government organization that helps to prevent blindness and promote visual equality. They have also donated over 1.4 million pairs of reading glasses to those in need. A socially-conscious company, they even recently donated over $10,000 to the Ukranaian branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Knowing you are supporting a company with heart is a great way to feel good as you look good, too. DIFF carries a wide range of styles and features, but Disney Nerds everywhere will rejoice to see the Star Wars line they have available. From Darth Vader to Princess Leia to the Mandalorian, they have glasses that reflect the characteristics of your favorite Star Wars personalities. The Ahsoka Tano has torgruta tortoise frames and orange lenses. The Luke Skywalker X-Wing has yellow lenses just like Luke’s visor on his helmet. And the Boba Fett 2.0 has a leather bridge with a camoflouge green frame. Polarized lenses finish Boba’s classic look.

Not only can you find polarized lenses, but also blue light lenses, and many of them have a “unique breath logo” revealing a secret image or phrase imprinted on the glasses when you breathe on it. Prices for these designer glasses range from $85 to $139 with most of them averaging around $120. They have a great fit, a great look, made of high quality material, and I can attest the polarized lenses work well. All the quality of a designer pair without the high price, AND these are comfortable, fun and stylish, too.

  • Thanks to DIFF Charitable Eyewear for sending me a pair for review.

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