Disney Villainous – Who Knew Villains Could Be So Fun?

Fun family game everyone can enjoy!

Ravensburger is famous for their high quality puzzles but did you know they make amazingly excellent games, too? Our family tried it out for the first time earlier this year and we are HOOKED! Not only do we have the base game, but we also have three of the expansions and all are well designed. It’s great to play because while the win condition remains the same (complete the villains goal), how you do it changes with each villain. And the variety of game play within the game is only part of the fun.

Love the artwork involved in these Ravensburger Villainous games

Most Disney branded games use very simple artwork or just recycle old art from the films, but Ravensburger utilizes all new artwork in their designs. They still have that traditional Disney feel, but the quality of the art is superb. And each villain is true to themselves. Their goals are what you’d expect from what you know of each character. Not that you have to know them to have fun playing this game. Any one can pick up a villain and give it a try and have a great time. It’s just that fans of their favorite villain will appreciate the detail Ravensburger puts in to each character.

Who wouldn’t love to play Maleficent?

The games are also easy to learn while challenging enough to want to play again and again. And I love that you have not only the popular villains (Maleficent, Captain Hook, Jafar, Ursula) but some lesser known ones, too (Yzma from Hercules, Prince John from Robin Hood, Rattigan from The Great Mouse Detective). We bought the Evil Queen expansion just because she’s one of my favorites. But I have to admit my favorite to use in the game is either Captain Hook or Pete. Both have game mechanics that are fun to play.

Young or old, Disney Nerd or not, you will love Disney Villainous from Ravensburger!

Thanks to the folks at Ravensburger for review copies of the main game and one of the expansions , but we loved it so much we went out and bought more expansions on our own!

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