Lilikoi Crunch Dole Whip – An Innovative Twist on a Disney Classic

Dole Whip made even better!

Everyone who visits Disneyland has at least walked by the Dole Whip line outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room.  The line is always so long it can be a wait to rival Peter Pan’s Flight.  Who wants to waste ride time on food?  Especially when you can get this delicious concoction outside of the park at The Local Place!  But now the folks at King’s Hawaiian have gone even a step further and added a whole new dimension to this classic Disney favorite.  Hence the Lilikoi Crunch Dole Whip.

The newest Dole Whip creation – Lilikoi Crunch Dole Whip

I was invited by Erica at King’s Hawaiian (2014) to come and try their newest creation, but how can you improve upon something that is such a signature dessert?  Well, they did!  I have to say this was not only my favorite way to eat Dole Whip, but one of my favorite desserts ever.  It’s only available for a limited time, but hopefully it will become a regular part of the menu (update: it has not! They only bring it back for limited releases). They have taken one of their own signature desserts and combined it much like a parfait with the cold, creamy, pineapple taste of the Dole Whip – a bottom layer of Dole Whip, a middle layer of Lilikoi Crunch Cake, and another top layer of Dole Whip covered by a “butter walnut crunch.”  The top layer was good (and a little messy as the crumbs at the top fell to the table), but it was when you combined the little pieces of cake with the Dole Whip that the flavor combinations really exploded.  The frosting surrounding the light, tasty, buttery cake along with the hearty helping of crumb topping accented the pineapple flavors in the Dole Whip itself.  And the cake had the added benefit of breaking up the brain freeze I often get while eating one of these.  Dole Whip is extremely good on its own, but at times I eat it so fast that I get that cold feeling all in my skull that simply hurts.  But the combination of Lilikoi Crunch Cake with the Dole Whip has a tempering effect that lets me enjoy this dessert without interruption.  The maraschino cherry is a nice added touch and at only $4.65 it’s quite the bargain.

As delicious in life as it looks in pictures

This dessert is only available at The Local Place so make it a point to head over there the next time you are craving a Dole Whip and try out this new creation (check out their Facebook page for address, hours, and more info).  But hurry since it’s only available for a limited time.  Rumor has it that other flavor combinations may be tried in the future – perhaps even a red velvet cake combination?  Run out the door today and try this mouth-satisfying take on a trusted classic sweet!

  • The Local Place is located at 18605 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90504.
  • They DID make other flavors!  To find out more about Haupia Coconut and Lava Whip click on our links
  • Did you know you can get Dole Whip with Rum at the Disneyland Hotel?
  • And if you’re visiting Aulani, of course you can get a Dole Whip there! Check out the Ulu Cafe

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